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Clients: Beijing TV station

Location: Beijing

Industry: Radio and TV

Products: Laser Project Projectors


      Studio is the place for art creation by light and sound, is the basement of the production of TV program, is tendency of the social popular life and is also the necessity of news promotions. In spite of voice recording, videotaping image and performing of actors also conducted in studio. Therefore, enough audio and video devices are needed in studio.

      Beijing TV station HD documentary channel made the background projection with Sinolaser laser based project projector. This device offers large color gamut, very high brightness and large seamless screen. By take the advantages of laser projector the lacking color, dam light, oppressive atmosphere, large seam screen, cut image, imprecisely displayed information can be avoided. Meanwhile, its super low noise and heat radiation design and remote light source characteristics completely avoid loud noise, high temperature and not synchronized recording problems. The laser projector’s additional flexible install method made the variety of the screening way in studio and the most use of studio space. This expands the space imagination of program creator and art forms.